Anticipatory Networking Techniques in 5G and Beyond
ESR2: Cristian Tatino


Biography: Cristian was born in Napoli, Italy, on 16 August 1988. He got the master's degree in telecommunications engineering at the University of Naples (IT) Federico II with honors in 2013, where he got the fundamental knowledge of wired and wireless telecommunications. In Both the bachelor's and master's thesis, he worked on routing protocol for energy consumption optimization in wired and wireless networks; wired networks for the first thesis and capillary networks for the master's degree. After the university he worked as system engineer in a telecommunications company, Gematica, in Naples (IT) for two years, where the main task was the designing of telecommunications networks for railways application. Currently, Cristian is hired as Ph.D. student at Linköping University (Sweden) and he is involved in the ACT5G project.

Research lines: He focuses his research on the wireless link status anticipation for millimetre-waves communications.


  • C. Tatino, I. Malanchini, D. Aziz, D. Yuan, ``Beam Based Stochastic Model of the Coverage Probability in 5G Millimeter Wave Systems'', in Proc. IEEE WiOpt 2017, Paris, France, 15th May, 2017, Accepted.